Better Mobile Personal Tech Keyboard for Physically Challenged Accessibility

Recently, I was discussing the challenges that physically and mentally challenged have to go through in order to gain access and use personal high-tech communication devices – things like tablets, cell phones, PCs, laptops, notebooks, eBook readers, etc. Think about it, this is a real challenge. We got to discussing the issues concerning all the accessibility software that promises ease of use for physically and mentally challenged, and how it falls short in the real world.

It turns out as you might image that these folks have a heck of time navigating the software using these special tools devised to make their lives easier, almost to the point of total frustration. Think about, even folks with zero-challenges often have trouble and get frustrated with software, and how complicated it is. So, what’s the solution? Equipment makers and software engineers say they care, but what they produce is still falling short.

Okay here is a way-out thought, one which brought a concept forth, which I wish to relay, it could be relevant. You see, there is a Sci Fi story about an Alien Race with a communication system like computer, it has a key board but with symbols on it. And each symbol means something, and the amount of time you hold down the key also signifies something else.

In a way this is a similar thought to the concept of using a touch key pad on a cellular phone to choose what letter out of the three for each number on the keyboard. Press the two and you have the choice of three letters and so you press it once, twice, or three times depending on which letter you wish to have. Think about it, those little keys for text messaging on a cell-phone or smart phone – well forget that if you have arthritis, much less a serious physical handicap of some type – see that point.

More work needs to be done in this venue, so if you are a researchers along these lines, software engineer, or perhaps you have a troubling challenge you deal with – then let’s talk. Please contact our think tank, let’s think on it. We can solve these issues – it’s time.

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